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Special notes

The 2022 Brighton Speed Trials are set to return on Sept 3rd 2022. On the assumption that the requirements of the ACU are met (and signed off) motorcycles will again be a part of this historic event.



We welcome entries from anyone, but due to the event’s popularity, and limited entries, participation is often restricted. Please note: Application does not guarantee an entry.



Email enquires with regard to entry applications can be sent from Jan 1st 2022 to info@vmccsprint.co.uk


Scrutineering notes!

If you're not familiar with the simple requirements your machine needs to have in place before being allowed to run. Please read our guidelines HERE

Organised by Brighton & Hove Motor Club, the National Speed Trials are the original, the first motoring event to have started in Madeira Drive; the one which set the precedent which the rest have followed.

The event dates back to 1905. In fact, Madeira Drive was resurfaced for the then-new tarmac material especially so that the first speed trials could take place (see: history).

Where all the other events end in the Drive, and vehicles are for the most part stationary, the centre of attraction at the Speed Trials is speed!

The Speed Trials are the 100 metre sprint of the motor racing world. The distance is just a quarter of a mile, and so not long after the drivers get up to speed they looking to brake.

But it's not just about speed. The Brighton Speed Trials include everything from vintage to modern motorcycles and their equivalents on four wheels.

A fantastic event for competitors, spectators and general motorsport enthusiasts, join us for this unique and historical event where you can both mingle amongst the machinery and get to sample the action at close quarters.

Sam Moore Photography - VMCC Sprint Sect
Brighton Speed Trials
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