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Machine Examination Notes for Motorcycle Sprints

Due to a number of new rules and recent clarifications the committee has written the following short and simple clarification regarding what we check and why at the point of machine examination. Please take a few moments to read it.

Before you can race you will need to have your bike and riding kit examined. This is not designed to be an obstacle or a means of making your life hard. It is there as a way of ensuring your kit and your bike conform to the safety standards that you have signed up to as an ACU license holder or an ACU day licence holder.

These standards and associated rules are designed to help minimise the risks to you and others. These rules and standards form part of the insurance agreement between you, us the organisers, the ACU and the insurance underwriters.

Please remember that all of the officials at the meeting are giving up their time and do not get paid or free / subsidised rides for their efforts. If any of the officials ride, we pay the same as you. Some give up their chance of a ride so you can! Please bear this in mind.

Your riding gear

If the examiner finds fault with your gear or your bike we will do all we can to help you resolve it. The last thing we want is for you to miss your ride but we need your help.


Please ensure your helmet is to the current ACU standard. Details for sprinting can be found on the ACU website. Never be tempted to buy ACU stickers in an attempt to fool us. We know what to look for and, ultimately, you'll be putting yourself in danger by using sub-standard kit.

Riding boots and gloves

Boots to be whole and not holey!

Gloves need to be leather and not worn beyond use.


Leathers not to have war wounds you can see through and zips that work.

Two-Piece leathers

If you use two piece leathers they must have a zip around 75% of the periphery.


You will need a dog tag (neck based tag) with your full name and date of birth written clearly on it. Blood type can also be included.

This can be circular in shape (between 20-25mm in diameter) or like the example below.

“The last thing we want is for you to miss your ride but we need your help”

It is your responsibility to bring your bike and kit that conforms to the rules, not ours. Our responsibility is simply to ratify that this is so.

Your responsibility extends to after your bike and kit has been examined. You must appear at the start line with the kit that was examined. If you decide to change any safety kit, it needs to be examined too.

There are some new rules worthy of mention. All oil drain plugs must be tight and must be drilled and wired in position. Oil supply pipes must be adequately wired in position. Oil breathers must discharge into a tank and total loss engines must have an effective means of collecting all ejected oil with no discharge to the road.

“ACU rules state that ALL oil drain plugs need to be tight, drilled and wired in position...oil feed pipes must be adequately wired in position, and breathers need to discharge into a tank”

Times have changed. Litigation and the ‘blame culture’ are rife. We need to protect ourselves. Riders, entourage and officials.


If you have any questions regarding standards of clothing or any aspect of machine examination please ask. We are here to help. The ACU website is a good point of reference and anyone on the section committee will be able to point you in the right direction.

While other clubs choose to interpret rules in their own way, the VMCC Sprint Section’s policy at events is : NO DOGS. Sorry to be blunt, but we enforce this for your safety.

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