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Announcement: Motorcycles at the 2022 Brighton Speed Trials

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Brighton Speed Trials 2022 - Final update.

Brighton Speed Trials 2022

The Sprint Section of the Vintage Motorcycle Club have no option but to announce the cancellation of the motorcycle entry at this iconic and historic event.

At a meeting held on December 2nd 2021 at which representatives from Brighton and Hove Motor Club, VMCC Sprint Section, Motorsport UK, Auto Cycle Union and Brighton and Hove City Council were present to discuss the road layout and paint markings on Madeira Drive and to look for a way forward to allow the motorcycles to participate.

It was agreed that Brighton Council would provide the ACU with the specification of the road marking paint used so that the ACU could make an informed decision as to the safety of said paint in the incidence of a bike transiting from tarmac to paint under power. It is our belief that this is not an unreasonable request. The representatives of Brighton and Hove City Council happily agreed to do this and contact details were exchanged.

To date, no such information has been forthcoming from Brighton and Hove City Council. They have been prompted and reminded but have simply failed to respond in any way shape or form. It is with deep regret that we have no option, due entirely by the council's behavior, that the motorcycles will not be present at this year's Speed Trials.

The cars will be running and we always appreciate their kind invitation year on year and wish The Brighton and Hove Motor Club great weather and a fast, safe and successful day and look forward to returning in 2023

Spectator tickets for the 2022 event can be purchased using the below link:

Update: Multi-party dialogue has restarted and although it was too late for the bikes to participate in 2022, progress is now being made with regards to 2023. Watch this space.

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