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Frank Clarke

Frank Clarke

21st Jan 2024

We've heard the sad news that in January that Frank Clarke died following an illness at the grand age of 92.

Frank was often seen sprinting his Brooklands JAP at Brighton, well into his 80’s.

Before his wife Audrey passed away in 2004, the pair of them would both enjoy a day at the Speed Trials, and following Audrey’s passing, Frank’s good friend Glyn supported Frank by doing the driving, starting the bike and dusting Frank off if he had a tumble, so Frank could keep thrashing the bike at events, which often included Brooklands with bike running the test hill.

April 2007’s VMCC Journal had a photo of Frank on the cover, he was so chuffed, he included in a display board he took to events.

At the 2010 Morgan Day, Frank took along a photo of the Morgan he had when courting ‘just in case’ – as luck would have it, it was there.

Classic Bike August 2013 did a 7 page feature on Frank where he said he’d had a wonderful life through motorbikes, and concluded by saying when it all comes to an end “I’ll see you on the other side of the grip!”.

A real character on and off track, Frank was a long time supporter of the VMCC Sprint Section and news of his passing is sadding.

Rest in Peace

Pictures and words courtesy of Tony Madgwick

Frank Clarke at Brighton

One of Frank's favourite photo's. Leaving the start at the 2006 Brighton Speed Trials

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