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2012 Brighton Speed Trials Awards

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the VMCC Sprint Section prize giving for all our 2012 awards (including Brighton Speed Trials) was made.

Craig Mallabone turned in another amazing run on his 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo. An 8.85s at 163mph.

Photo Credit : Sam Moore Photography

Listed below are the results:

Please note, we are currently trying to locate the “Class Award for CLASS 6 Production solos up to 1600cc”. This trophy has gone missing and we are trying to re-locate it. If anybody knows of its whereabouts could they e-mail Juan Manzano Sprint Section Chairman HERE please.

Class 1:Historic racing machines up to year 1972

Awarded on consistency.

The John Rich Memorial Trophy & Replica.

Ms. Sheelagh Neal and Mr. David White.

Triumph Thunderbird Sidecar – 650cc.

15.84s (81mph) & 15.87s (82mph) – Time difference of 0.03s.

Class 2:  Racing solo up to 350cc.

The Peter Wilson Trophy & Replica.

Mr. Keith Laker.

Yamaha RDLC – 350cc.

11.98s (109mph).

Class 3:  Racing solo up to 500cc.

Class Award & Replica.

Mr. Alan Tinnion.

Yamaha RD – 388cc.

11.52s (115mph).

Class 4:  Racing solo up to 1000cc.

Class Award & Replica.

Mr. Stephen Mead.

BMW S1000RR – 1000cc.

9.06s (152mph).

Class 5: Sidecars / Three wheelers up to 1300cc supercharged or 3500cc unsupercharged.

The Sussex Trophy & Replica.

Mr. David Woodard and Mr. Darren Saunders.

Suzuki Superside – 1500cc.

10.73s (133mph).

Class 6:  Standard production solo up to 1600cc.

Class Award & Replica.

Mr. Mark White.

Suzuki Hayabusa – 1340cc.

10.09s (147mph).

Class 7:  Racing solo up to 2000cc.

The Dolphin Trophy & Replica.

Heron Award – Fastest Suzuki.

Mr. Craig Mallabone.

Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo – 1300cc.

8.85s (163mph).

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