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Brighton Speed Trials 2021 update.

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Brighton Speed Trials 2021 update.

As I am sure you have all noticed there has been a lot of nothing in the public domain of late regarding this years Brighton Speed Trials.

The governing bodies of the car side (MSUK) and the bikes (ACU) together with Brighton Council are having a meeting next Wednesday (4th August). MSUK have not yet issued a Track certificate which the cars require to run due to issues surrounding the track, its surface and some of the recent alterations the council have and/or propose to complete. The ACU appear to be following the lead of MSUK.

This means that until this meeting has concluded and that decisions have been made we have no idea if the speed trials will happen but we live in hope.

The Sprint Section have everything in place and plan to go ahead if we get the green light from the ACU, but as you will appreciate it may be at short notice.

As soon as we know either way, it will be published here and on the website.

If we get the go ahead entry forms and regs etc will be published here and on our website for you to download.

Please don't bombard Juan or others for more info and be mindful to be respectful with any comments you may post here or elsewhere.

As soon as we know more so will you.

Hoping to see you all on Madeira Drive soon.

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1 Comment

Jul 27, 2021

We live in hope...

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