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VMCC 1000 Bikes Sprint Demo 2012

The VMCC Sprint Section Historic Sprint Demonstration/Practice and Sprint Marquee 2012:

Photo credit: Alan Turner

Well how time flies, here we are again back at the Festival, no sooner had last year’s event finished that we were planning for this years, the 2012 VMCC Sprint Section Historic Sprint Event which has become such an important part of the Weekend.

This year we have two father and son teams running in the Sprint, our Sprint Section Chairman, Chris Illman and his son Mark who is our sections Web guru, also Andy Bush with his immaculate 1930 350cc AJS R6 and his young son Sam, ridding a race prepared 70cc Honda X8R. 

If there is one thing that that has been common among the Sprinting fraternity over the years it’s the fact Sprinting runs through the family;

I should know as it was my late father’s influence, Phil “The Old Fella” Manzano, that has me here again today organising and running the Sprint, as well as other events that the Sprint Sections runs over the course of year, like the oldest motorsport event in the country, the Brighton Speed Trials. Cheers Dad!

Among our riders today we have John Renwick with his 1650cc V-Twin Vincent 3-wheeler, Epimetheus, which has been much modified over the years.  One modification being the addition of ‘giggle gas’, better known to most as Nitrous Oxide, which now makes the machine capable of some 180 horses. At our season opener John managed a few shake down runs, his best being 10.68 seconds with a terminal of 127mph over the quarter mile, not bad for a 50’s v-twin! 

To give John a little competition, Maurice Brierley’s Vincent V-Twin, ‘Methamon’, the very machine that Maurice took a number of Records with in the 60’s, with Chris Illman at the helm and Colin Jefferies doing the hero bit, is making a welcome return.  Chris managed to secure the Manzano Top Speed Trophy in 2011, with a best terminal speed of 114.5mph, upon ‘Methamon’ no less.  So the gauntlet has been thrown and battle will commence between the two at our timed events over the season to see who takes the trophy home this year?

Now, at this point in time all I can say is that if all has gone to plan, then A.N. Other will be possibly giving both John and Chris a run for their money, with a fully restored 3-wheeled record breaker from the 60’s and 70’s.  Let’s hope all has been completed in time for today, as I know a lot of midnight oil has been burned this past winter to try and have it completed for this event.  If not then I’m sworn to secrecy, on the pains of nasty things happening to certain parts of my anatomy, as all will be still kept under wraps till later in the year when all will then be revealed.

John Hobbs is here again today, not with just the Hobbit but a with his newly built Triumph

That machine is Olympus, a lovely and well-crafted replica of his 1968 World Record holding machine, for both the Standing Start Quarter Mile and the Standing Start Kilometre set back in 1968 at RAF Elvington, may I add, at the grand old age of 21!  John will be out on both machines today for you all to see and hear.

So folks, please find time during the lunch break to make your way to the Start/Finish straight, as here you will be able to see and hear these and many other wonderful Sprinters taking part in the VMCC Sprint Section Historic Twin Lane Sprint Demonstration/Practice.

Also over the Weekend, please take time out to visit the Sprint Marquee located in the Race Paddock, as here you will be able to get up close to these machines and talk with the riders as well.

Juan V Manzano – VMCC Sprint Section

Solo Machines

  • Bob Anderson  JAP - V-Twin Replica "Sprinter"  1000 1964

  • Derek Fox    Norton-JAP "Thor 998 1959

  • Dave Allman  Greeves "Silverstone" Ex works     250 1965

  • John Young    Tri-JAP500 1936

  • Nigel Fox    Norton "Titch Allen Wicksteed"       528 1947

  • Andy Forward    Triumph "Sprint Special"                    500 1964

  • Ian Dentith    Triumph "Grand Prix Replica"           500 1948

  • Len Wallbank    Velocette KTT/KSS Special                    350 1931

  • John Brent    Velocette "The Ironing Board"                    248 1970

  • Bob Horton    Greeves "Oulton"                                 350 1964

  • Mark Illman    Rudge "Leigh Special"                    636 1930

  • Alan Tinnion    Krauser "Frankies Monster"                    500 1980

  • Ron Phillips    Honda RSW                                              125             1986

  • Stuart Kirkpatrick  Mitsui Missile Yamaha                    350             1974

  • R. Hollingshead   Suzuki GSX 1100                                 1100 1979

  • Martin Newton   Triumph                                              750 1972

  • Mick Collins    Triton                                              750 1952

  • Clive Hurst    Kawasaki H1                                              500 1974

  • Victor Aldous    Lambretta SX                                 200 1967

  • Ron Cheesman    BSA                                                           650 1963

  • David H. Smith    Velocette MOV Sprinter                    248 1933

  • John Hobbs    Triumph "Olympus"                                 498 1956

  • Graham Vickery    Ariel Red Hunter                                 347 1946

  • Chris Layzell    Yamaha FZR                                              399 1987

  • John Taylor    Honda CB500T                                 498 1975

  • David Hall    Suzuki GSX 'R' 1100 L                    1216 1990

  • Andy Bush    AJS R6                                              350 1930

  • Phil Steele    Rouge et Noir II                                 750 1975


  • Sam Bush    Honda X8R                                               70


  • John Renwick    Vincent Sidecar Special                   1665 1951

  • Ballast "Slimlead Ed"

  • Trevor Duckworth     Ariel                                             500 1938

  • S. Walker

  • Dave Woodard Suzuki Superside                                1500 1984

  • Darren Saunders

  • Chris IllmanVincent "Methamon"                                1963

  • Colin Jeffries

  • Mark Whittaker BSA Road Rocket Sidecar                   650 1957

  • Sue Whittaker

Exhibition Runs

  • John HobbsWeslake  "The Hobbit"                        1700 1974

  • A. N. OtherSidecar                                                          1000 1966

Photo Credit : Alan Turner

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